Wiz Khalifa Reveals How Currency Got Him Into Air Jordans

Wiz Khalifa Reveals How Currency Got Him Into Air Jordans

When Wiz Khalifa first burst onto the scene, most fans knew that he was mostly into Converse Chuck Taylors. Overall, his Taylor Gang label even had logos similar to the iconic shoe. However, over time, Khalifa has broadened his horizons when it comes to the sneakers that he wears. For instance, he can be seen wearing Air Jordans a lot of the time. These are a great choice as they are timeless and also have a great history within sneaker culture. Although, it took the help of a friend to get him into the brand.

Recently, Wiz Khalifa sat down with Drink Champs where he got to speak about a plethora of topics. Khalifa is always a joy to hear from as he is one of the nicest guys in the industry. Additionally, he always tries to show love whenever he can. Knowing that, it should not be a surprise that he credited Curren$y for his love of Air Jordans. As Wiz explains, he never bought Jordans before because they were too expensive growing up. However, once he met Curren$y, he became a disciple of the brand.

Wiz Khalifa Inspired By Currency

“I never even owned a pair of Jordans until I met Curren$y,” Wiz Khalifa explained. “I wanted some but I just never had them. Chuck’s. In Pittsburgh, it’s Air Forces, Timbs. N-ggas wore Js but like I had to choose if I was gonna spend that much money on sneakers or other things. Growing up, I never even thought about that like spending $130, $150 bucks on a pair of shoes.” Of course, Curren$y and Wiz work a lot together. That said, it only makes sense that Wiz would peep his style and be interested.

Additionally, Wiz Khalifa spoke about some of the clothes he would buy when he was young, on top of Chucks. “I would go to Army Navy and get some Dickies, get some white tees and Chucks — Carharrt like a muthafucka. That’s my whole style. Timbs cost a lot but you get like one pair of them a year,” he explained. Needless to say, Jumpman should be thanking Curren$y for influencing his peers in this way.


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