Xzibit’s Ex-Wife Demands $230K For Bills

Xzibit’s been having some difficulties in divorce court these days. The former MTV host’s ex-wife, Krista Joiner, filed for an increase in child support two months ago. Additionally, she made claims at the time that Xzibit hadn’t seen his son in half a year. Prior to her request, the rapper was paying a whopping $6,000 in overall support. While $2,239 went to child support, the other $3,702 a month went to spousal support.

Furthermore, according to court documents obtained by Radar, Joiner wants to increase the total to $14,000. Xzibit is to pay out child support ’til his 12-year-old son turns 18. She recalled the last time the rapper saw their son Gatlyn, was around Xzibit’s birthday in September 2022. His estranged wife also mentioned that their son tried to call on Christmas and claimed Xzibit refused to answer. Not only that, she dove deeper into the rapper’s finances, revealing that tax documents show otherwise. Despite claiming to only earn $25,000 a month, the tax documents display that he earns $45,000 a month.

Xzibit Is Goin’ Through It

Currently, Xzibit’s ex-wife is now demanding even more money. Joiner is demanding the former Pimp My Ride host pay another $230,000 to help pay for her legal fees and other expenses. According to more documents obtained by Radar Online, Joiner claims the rapper has more than enough to pay the whopping amount. She pointed out Xzibit’s multiple streams of income, including his thriving cannabis business. Moreover, the rap icon’s estranged spouse addressed the sale of their $579,000 home, along with his jewelry collection valued at over $800,000.

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