Yeat Teases His Fans With Three New Snippets

In case you haven’t noticed, Yeat has been one of the most interesting artists in hip-hop over the past couple of noticed. Overall, he is gaining a considerable amount of hype online. Additionally, he is constantly going viral on TikTok, which is huge for any artist’s success. Despite this virality, the artist has a big enough fanbase to carry him regardless of the trends. This is extremely impressive, especially when you consider how the artist practically came out of nowhere. Now, you can’t go to a festival without seeing him perform.

Yeat has certainly kept himself busy over the last couple of years. This is due to his high output in terms of projects. Every four months, he comes through with a new album, and fans are appreciative of this. Moreover, he always seems to be collaborating with the biggest artists in the world. Whether it be Young ThugLil Uzi Vert, or NBA YoungBoy, Yeat has captured the attention of many. Now, mainstream attention is at his fingertips, and it has him dropping some snippets for his fans.

Yeat Does It Again

In the post above from ourgenerationmusic, you can hear a few seconds from each of these three tracks. Once again, Yeat is bringing some truly chaotic and impeccable flows to the table. He is one of those artists who captures your ears immediately thanks to the way that he raps. Although it is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, Yeat still deserves recognition. In fact, he has even gotten a 7/10 from the likes of Anthony Fantano, which is pretty damn good. As for these snippets, we need to hear more in order to form a real opinion. Hopefully, he drops them sooner rather than later.

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