YNW Melly Appears To Be In Good Spirits In Courtroom Photos

YNW Melly Appears To Be In Good Spirits In Courtroom Photos

The outcome of YNW Melly’s case remains unclear. However, there is a legion of fans and supporters hoping for the best. His friends and family insisted in recent months that he’ll be coming home in the near future, although there haven’t been any public records confirming whether this will be the case. Nonetheless, he seems to be anticipating his return home and he’s kept in good spirits since his incarceration in 2018.

In April, the court finally decided on the jury before the case begins in the near future. However, YNW Melly also appeared in court this week where he seemed to be in good spirits. dressed in a blue blazer and a turtleneck, YNW Melly sat next to his attorneys. Despite the circumstances, the rapper had a massive smile on his face as he continued to push the campaign for his release. “#YNWMellyHome2023,” the caption of the post read. Still, he’ll have to wait until the trial is over before he celebrates his freedom.

YNW Melly Shares New Photos

Unfortunately, things haven’t necessarily been smooth for the rapper. In December, the rapper claimed that he fears his life is at risk due to the treatment he faced. “They are watching my every move on camera. Making sure I don’t use the phone to tell the world how I am being mistreated, discriminated, threatened physically, harassed,” he said. “I have been threatened by Deputies, Lieutenants and Sergeants. They say ‘they will hide me from the world’ and threaten to ‘beat my ass every day.’ If I tell my lawyers they will lie and say I hit them first.”

YNW Melly’s mother, Jamie, has kept fans updated on his case through Instagram. After the jury selection process was completed, Jamie confirmed the trial would begin on June 5th. “Melly coming home. Today I went to court expecting more delays but we started jury selection. I can’t explain how I feel my anxiety is everywhere but God got us. #mellyfree2023 @_ynwbslime got see his brother on his birthday first time in 4yrs,” she said in April. We’ll keep you posted on anymore updates surrounding the YNW Melly case.

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