My Boobs Won’t Stop Growing Because I Have a Rare Condition

This woman has something she wants to get off her chest.

Pamelia J, 27, always wanted her breasts to grow, but now they won’t stop.

The curvy OnlyFans model has gone up four bra cup sizes, growing from a J cup to an M cup in just eight months.

About a year ago, Pamelia realized that her boobs were growing rapidly, after she outgrew her favorite bra. She also began suffering from severe back pain when her chest measurements increased from 39 inches to 51 inches.

“At first it was fun and interesting to see how much they were growing, but recently I’ve grown to be uncomfortable, and I find myself wishing I had normal-sized breasts,” Pamelia told SWNS.

The Australian woman was referred to a surgeon in March 2022 and diagnosed with a very rare condition caled gigantomastia.

Pamelia J and her M-sized boobs
Pamelia J, 27, was diagnosed with gigantomastia after her breasts grew 31 centimeters in just a few months.

Gigantomastia is a very rare and not properly understood condition that causes rapid, excessive breast-tissue growth. It can cause mastalgia (breast pain), ulceration or infection, posture problems, back pain and chronic traction injury to intercostal nerves resulting in the loss of nipple sensation, according to the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.

The condition can be caused by a range of factors including hormonal changes, medications and autoimmune diseases, but cause for Pamelia’s affliction is currently unknown.

Pamelia J showing off her cleavage
Pamelia has a rare disease called gigantomastia.
Pamelia J / SWNS

Pamelia also suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and is undergoing testing to see if the two conditions could be related, but has not been given an explanation for her condition.

“It is very uncomfortable — they are so heavy, and I can be in a lot of pain,” she said.

On top of the physical pain, Pamelia’s big breasts have also led to mental health struggles as she has a hard time finding clothing that makes her feel comfortable in her own skin and dealing with strangers’ stares and judgments.

Pamelia J and her M-sized breasts
The Australian went to the doctor after she grew out of her favorite bra and started experiencing back pain.

“I struggle to find clothing to suit my bust, and I end up just wearing oversized T-shirts. There are very limited options for bigger-busted women, especially if you don’t want to have your cleavage on show,” Pamelia said.

“I feel very self-conscious when going out in public. If I wear something that is tight on my chest, I notice women giving me looks. I feel like I’m getting dirty looks for having such large breasts, so I tend to stay at home — my mental health has suffered from it.”

Pamelia has tried losing weight, but her breasts still continued to grow as she lost several pounds. Her next step will be to undergo a breast reduction.

Pamelia J on social media
The struggle of living with extremely large breasts, including physical pain and constant stares, has impacted Pamelia’s daily life.

The mother of one dreams of having another baby but has been advised by medical professionals to wait until after giving birth to have the procedure done.

There is a chance that her breasts could grow back to their current size after the reduction, but Pamelia is desperate for some relief.

Pamelia has racked up a large social media following and is using her platform to spread awareness of her rare and misunderstood condition.

The hashtag #gigantomastia has 21.5 million views on TikTok, thanks in part to Pamelia’s viral videos.

Pamelia decided to use the attention her breasts were attracting to spread awareness about her rare condition.
Pamelia decided to use the attention her breasts were attracting to spread awareness about her rare condition.

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