Mavado Lashes Out Against White Collar Fraudsters

In light of the recent hoopla between retired track star Usain Bolt and the Stocks and Securities Ltd (SSL) investment firm, Mavado has lashed out against white collar crime in the country.

Mavado, whose real name is David Brooks stirred the pot on Thursday, January 19, when he posted a snippet of an article dated September 15, which stated that disbarred attorney-at-law Jennifer Messado had her bail extended.

Jamaica full of white collar criminal and the government is not doing anything about it because the people who’s taking your money are friends of the bosses who runs the country and who makes the talk and support white collar crime against the people..who came from nothing to something under this government you will never see the real criminals goes to jail as long as they come from up town where everyone goes to the same school and grow up together lol,” the enraged entertainer wrote on Instagram.

“All I can say Jamaica get f—k and we have to pray because it’s a serious thing and it’s getting worse because now dem getting very dry eye with it so who’s going to save us,” Mavado concluded.

Messado will stand trial on March 1 on allegations that she defrauded Mavado of more than $30 million in a real estate deal in 2018.

Fans of Bolt are at the edge of their seats as they watch his matter unfold. SSL has until January 27, to repay approximately US$12 million dollars.

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