Our Pet Rooster Attacked my Child — so we had chicken nuggets for dinner.

A Mississippi mom’s cocky parenting brag has some people crying foul.

In a now-viral Facebook post, Magan Schmidt explained her family killed, cooked and ate their pet rooster, HeiHei, after he allegedly “attacked” her young daughter.

While she appeared to delete the original post from her personal account, pictures of her daughter with bloody pecks to her forehead, cheek and neck have surfaced on a Magan Schmidt Facebook fan page.

The Jan. 12 post gathered over 16,000 comments and 56,000 shares. It also includes snaps of the youngster standing by the bird before the incident — and also eating nuggets presumably made of HeiHei’s hide. The Post reached out to Schmidt for comment.

Our pet rooster attacked my child — so we had chicken nuggets for dinner
Better days: The mom shared a photo of her daughter and the family’s pet before claiming to eat him.
Magan Schmidt/Facebook

“Well, it finally happened,” Schmidt wrote. “Our mean ole backyard rooster, HeiHei, attacked the baby child!! We were SO lucky that he didn’t do any more damage than he did. Half an inch, and she would have lost an eye!”

“Nevertheless, he got what was coming to him!” she declared. “Mama don’t play when it comes to her babies. HeiHei nuggets for dinner!”

Fellow Facebookers flocked to the comments section, divided on whether HeiHei deserved the reported death sentence. Several commenters criticized Schmidt’s opening line and slammed her parenting skills.

The protective mother claimed the bird almost pecked her daughter's eye out.
The protective mother alleged the bird almost pecked her daughter’s eye out.
Magan Schmidt/Facebook

“’It finally happened’ … so you were anticipating something bad happening yet, did nothing to prevent it… ok,” one person argued.

“Why even have a rooster if you’re not going to watch your kid around it?” another wondered.

“‘It finally happened’ really sounds like this isn’t the first time your child has had a negative interaction with this roo protecting his coop. If you knew it was an issue, why didn’t you do more to prevent it?” another user, who claimed to have lived on a farm, questioned in a lengthy statement.

“…Also to add, anyone that knows anything about raising chickens for livestock knows a full grown, adult cock is not food. At all. Protection is their only purpose,” the user insisted.

A Mississippi mother’s cocky and protective online brag has many users ruling it foul play.
The young girl received pecks to her head, cheek and neck.
Magan Schmidt/Facebook

“You control your circumstances (pets, children, household, wild animals you choose to possess) which means it’s on you, not the animal,” another person advised Schmidt. “Very sad.”

But other Facebookers defended the protective mom’s handling of the situation.

“We live in a soft world. If you didn’t grow up on a farm or live like this, don’t comment. It’s life. Get over it,” one user slammed.

“It’s pretty easy to tell in the comments who has never been around mean roosters before! Some birds make better nuggets,” another claimed.

Our pet rooster attacked my child — so we had chicken nuggets for dinner
Facebook users appeared divided on the family reportedly killing and eating their pet bird.

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