Shenseea Shows Off Flexibility Online

The Shenyeng Princess Shenseea is showing just how flexible she really is in a recent Instagram Instagram post.

Some of her supporters may have already known that she was flexible to some extent based on previous post—but this is a new extreme.

“Stretching starts my days,” she captioned the post which sees her head tucked between her thighs. She appeared to be at the gym or some physical therapy location based on the exercise balls in the background.

“You unlocked a new position,” said one social media user.

“If I say what I wanna say … I’ll need to repent after,” another added.

“That’s how you got a son?” Joked one more supporter.

“Hold on na i ain’t know you was this flexible ” said someone else.

It was recently announced that she will be making her debut at mega music festival Coachella in April.

Shenseea, whose career started in 2016 with Jiggle Jiggle and exploded with Loodi, has come a long way since. The 26-year-old’s extensive portfolio has seen her working with some big names like Shaggy, Sean Paul and Megan Thee Stallion, and stands as an impressive roadmap of the Blessed singer’s slow but deliberate transition to Pop, all while keeping her finger on the pulse of Dancehall.


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