Dexta Daps Warns UK Fans About Scammers Falsely Advertising him for Events

Fans of Dancehall artiste Dexta Daps who are located in the United Kingdom will be pleased to know that he will be kicking off his Trilogy tour in the country come next month.

There will be two shows at the Troxy in London on the 10th and 13th and two others on March 12 at Forum Birmingham and on March 14 at Manchester’s BEC Arena.

While the artiste and his fans are excited about the event, he is concerned that scammers have been falsely advertising him for after parties. He gave a strong warning to his fans on Instagram not to fall for the traps.

“Watch dis nuh, wi have a likkle problem. Mi see some flyers out deh inna England seh mi a guh do after party inna London. Mi just wah seh dis: there’s no after party wi confirm as yet, suh ah doe want unuh be fooled an’ guh waste unuh money, yer? There’s no after party wi confirm yet fi London, fi nowhere. As soon as di party dem  confirm ‘cause yuh done know wi haffi wul a vibes after di show dem. Suh, as soon as dem confirm, I’ll definitely be posting it on my Instagram suh look out…Doe follow di crowd an’ doe waste yuh money. Gwaan watch di scamma dem. Scamma dem deh yah!” he urged.

During his first several years of studio work, he appeared on numerous riddim compilations, released singles such as Shabba Madda Pot (honouring Shabba Ranks’ mother, a beloved Seaview matriarch), and recorded Foreign Friend with M.I.A.

Intro, a collaboration with the Daseca Productions team, was issued in 2017 as his debut album. Singles and featured appearances throughout the next couple of years led to the 2020 arrival of his self-released second album, Vent. Among the set’s standouts were Breaking News, A Plus—a collaboration with Spice, and Obviously featuring Beenie Man.

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