First Look at Lady Gaga in the ‘Joker’ Sequel Revealed

The filmmaker behind the sequel for the Joker has released the first image of Lady Gaga in the film, who is believed to be playing the character of Harley Quinn.

Todd Phillips shared the post to Instagram on Tuesday night, a close-up of Gaga’s character cradling star Joaquin Phoenix’s face. He wrote alongside the post: “Happy Valentine’s Day,” sparking rumors of a love affair between the pair in the follow up to the 2019 hit (Quinn and the Joker have a notoriously toxic romantic relationship in previous adaptations).

DC Comics fueled the rumor mill, posting in reply: “…love is in the air…?” Details of the movie, set for an Oct. 4 release, are slim, but considering the last Joker film closed with the character in Arkham Asylum, it would make sense for Quinn to enter the storyline in the sequel (Quinn works there as a psychiatrist). Lady Gaga also shared the image to Instagram with the caption: “Folie à Deux 🃏.”

Filming of the movie is currently underway in New York and Los Angeles, and expectations are high after the first Joker film became one of the top-grossing films of all time in the DC Extended Universe. Phoenix also won Best Actor for his turn as Arthur Fleck, the aspiring comedian and clown-for-hire who goes on to become the Joker.

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