Ras Lidj remakes Carl Malcolm’s Fattie Bum Bum

Recording artiste Ras Lidj is commemorating a classic with his Regg’Go version of Carl Malcom’s “Fattie Bum Bum.” The track was officially released on January 31.

“This version doesn’t deviate much from the original meaning of the song as it highlights and celebrates the appreciation for our full figure ladies. Making sure not to exclude or leave any of our ladies out, I made sure to include a shoutout to our slim girls in one of the verses as well,” the artiste explained.

Preserving the original content of the song, the track is graced by Carl Malcom’s vocals, as Ras Lidj blends his verses and harmonies with the Regg’Go sound to give it a new feel and flavour.

“Carl Malcolm is a key friend of mine. His wife, AneetaMalcolm, has been the drummer for my band for the past 5 years, when she is not touring on the road with him. The concept of doing this particular song was almost a no-brainer; Carl has been a great guide and elder mentor to me and the Regg’Go movement as well, so as our Regg’Go band has become seasoned I feel we earned his honor in granting us permission to redo his classic hit in this style,” the artiste highlighted.

Born and raised in Washington, DC, Ras Lidj first stepped on a stage at the age of five, spending most of his early years in the world of theater. Subsequently playing in bands at around the age of 13, the artiste has now spent over 35 years engulfed in music. He currently indulges in the unique Regg’Go genre which encompasses two distinct sounds and cultures.

“I was given the name Ras Lidj by the Rastafari Elders, namely Ras Widow, who came to DC, via the Smithsonian institute in the late 80’s. Regg’Go music is the contemporary fusion of Roots Dancehall Reggae music linked with a strong Washington DC Go-Go percussive pocket beat. It’s ‘Regg’ from Reggae and ‘Go’ from Go Go music. Although I am from DC, it is because of the roots and culture in Regg’Go music that the Reggae must come first, which is why it’s Regg’Goand not Go Go Reggae,” he  elaborated.

With high hopes for the success of this new track, Ras Lidjhas many plans for the near future that music lovers everywhere can look forward to.

“I will just keep working, writing, recording and looking forward to this year’s upcoming spring, summer and fall festival performance season, while continuing to enjoy the various experiences of this Regg’Go movement. I do pray that this track is the ONE that will finally give me that forward push worldwide that Regg’Go truly deserves. Time and change happens to everyone so we shall see,” he expressed.

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