Meghan King Reveals the Real Reason She Married Cuffe Biden Owens After Only 5 Weeks of Dating

Meghan King is sharing exactly why she got married to Cuffe Biden Owens after just five weeks of dating.

As fans may recall, back in October 2021, The Real Housewives of Orange County alum wed the attorney — who is a nephew of President Joe Biden —  at his parents’ home in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. After sharing insight into their whirlwind relationship both in interviews and on social media, the spouses separated by December of that year, and their union was ultimately annulled in the summer of 2022.

Fast-forward to present day. On the March 22 episode of the Women on Top podcast, the mom of Aspen, Hart, and Hayes revealed the reason she wanted to tie the knot so quickly after meeting Cuffe on an online dating app.

“I had a huge void in my life,” Meghan explained on the podcast about how quickly the pair moved in their relationship following her divorce from Jim Edmonds in 2019. “I’m almost drowning, and I’m barely staying afloat here, and this guy comes in, sweeps me off my feet, tells me he’s going to be a great stepdad, comes from a great family — well, at least a well-known family, like no one can argue that … And everything seemed like it, you know, just fit in order. So I allowed him to come in.”

Daily Dish Meghan King Lala Kent Dating
Daily Dish Meghan King Lala Kent Dating


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Though she didn’t want to rush into marriage, she thought it was “amazing” that Cuffe wanted to become a stepparent to her three kids. Meghan could relate to that feeling, since she was a stepmom to four when she married Jim in 2014.

“I didn’t want to get married. He wanted to. He was, like, begging me to get married,” Meghan added. “He said it was important to be a stepdad and not a boyfriend, and that tugs at my heartstrings because I was a stepmom.”

Once Meghan and Cuffe split up just a few months after their wedding, the Intimate Knowledge podcast host decided to focus on herself.

“Because I hadn’t healed myself first, I subjected myself to being hurt in a way bigger way,” she continued on Women on Top. “After that, I was like, ‘I gotta figure this out. I gotta figure me out. I can’t rely on anyone else for money… for anything.’”

Now that Meghan has “figure[d]” herself out, she’s been back on the dating scene. She revealed that she is dating someone new, though they won’t be headed to the altar anytime soon.

“I keep space open in my heart for a man to come in. A man has come in, but you know, we’ll see what happens with that. I’m taking things slow,” she concluded. “We will not be married in five weeks.”

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