Polo G’s Mom Explains Why She Didn’t Force Him To Get A Job

Polo G has become one of Chicago’s brightest young stars. Since dropping his debut tape Die A Legend, Polo has shown he’s a certified MC that’s here to stay. Not only that, his storytelling and creative lyrics make you feel as if he’s been in the game for a decade. However, talent like that doesn’t just come from nowhere. It takes a support system, a village, to nurture one’s talents. Thankfully Polo G has that in his mother.

In a recent video posted by The Neighborhood Talk, Polo’s mom is seen talking about their family dynamic. When asked why she didn’t allow her kids get jobs growing up she gave a detailed answer. “Coming from a person that came from an impoverished community,” she said. “I wanted my kids not to know the struggle, I wanted my kids to know what support was,” she continued. Polo G’s mother then went on to talk about how we (the Black household) are hardwired to think we have to go through something in order to be successful.

Polo G’s Mom Is His Biggest Supporter

Not only that, she noted that she wanted her kids to just be kids and enjoy their childhood, rather than getting a job early. “Live your life, be my child, I’ll figure out the rest,” she attested. Additionally, Polo G’s mom expressed her distaste for the lack of support within the Black household. “I don’t appreciate where a White household can have a conversation,” she stated. “It’s like ‘Mom I don’t know what the hell I want to do with my life’ Take the summer off, live.” She went on to compare how their White counterpart aren’t ostracized for simply trying to figure life out.

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