Latto Gets Gun Charge Dismissed After Community Service

It looks like Latto can finally move on with her life. The “Put It On Da Floor” rapper had a charge related to a gun dismissed. However, it was only after she finished a gun safety course and more than 100 hours of community service. According to TMZ, her case was dismissed on Tuesday by the L.A. County Superior Court. The charge was related to an incident in May 2021 at Los Angeles International Airport. Latto was accused of carrying a loaded concealed firearm. The judge ordered her to complete a safety course and perform 120 hours of community service. The rapper also had to steer clear of firearms. It would appear she has now accomplished all of this.

Latto’s lawyer released a statement about the matter, expressing that it was a favorable outcome. “I am extremely pleased with the outcome and glad my client can move forward with her flourishing career,” Latto’s attorney said. Latto, however, had previously denied a story that she was “close” to completing her community service hours. “Idk who put out that false ass information cause I’m not in no damn program,” she said after the news broke. “Also the situation happened over a year ago & y’all never even knew until I mentioned it in the Boom pt 2 verse. Nun to ‘brag’ about. Leave me alone.”

Latto Is a Houswife, Not a Gangster

After making a statement about the story on her Twitter, Latto took to Instagram live to talk further about it. According to the rapper, she is not trying to push any kind of gangster image. “That sh*t blowing me,” she said. “B*tch I’m just letting you know you got the story wrong. I’m not gangsta, b*tches, never claimed to be gangsta. I’m not gangsta. Baby I get money, the f*ck? I got a n***a who suck these toes every night, eat this a*s from the back. I cook, I’m a whole housewife I’m not no gangsta. The f*ck?” It seems that Latto didn’t like people interpreting her having a loaded gun at an airport as her being gangster.

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