Lil Durk Poses With His Money

When it comes to the current generation of hip-hop leaders, few had more curious yet inspiring trajectories than Lil Durk. While he’s been in the rap game for over a decade, it wasn’t until recently that he became a superstar in the genre and truly saw the career heights he envisioned. Moreover, his grind continues through features, tours, community efforts, and more when he’s not dropping a new album (although that’s going to change soon). Still, it’s understandable that he would want to celebrate amid the hustle. As such, he recently posted some pictures on Instagram of him posing with huge stacks of cash, captioning the post with “all the lames clicking up …Smurk said it it’s stamped.”

However, as much as he flexes his material possessions, it doesn’t take away from other, more profound aspects of his life. For example, he recently opened up about his therapy process to XXL during an interview. “Being more open,” Durkio said of his goals and what he’s looking forward to in his future personal life. “Being more open to letting [my new manager] Pete [Jideonwo] in,” he said. “Moving certain people out the way. That’s the best feeling. Therapy, the kids, the new team, all that. But the best feeling is really just starting over.

Lil Durk Flexes His Cash

“I got a therapist so I cope different,” Lil Durk continued. “I don’t show emotion. So, some people will be like, ‘Man, you can’t hold it in.’ And I just can’t talk to nobody usually. You gotta be careful how you tell people, what you tell people, because they can use it against you. They can find out your weaknesses. So now, when I talk to the therapist, then it start getting more emotional. But like somebody on the street, you’ll never even see me shed a tear.

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