Chlöe Shows Off Her Dance Moves For Last Show Of Tour

Chlöe Shows Off Her Dance Moves For Last Show Of Tour

Chlöe’s tour in support of her new album In Pieces was equal parts impressive, eventful, and deeply enjoyable. Moreover, that’s due to her amazing combination of talents, whether it’s singing a tender ballad or showcasing her moves during a banger. As a promo for her final stop of the tour, which took place on Wednesday (May 3) at The Novo in Los Angeles, she posted a video of her with her dancers on her Instagram page. Donning just some grey sweats as opposed to her usual stunning outfits, the Bailey sister seems like she wanted to have a lot of fun for her wrap-up.

Even though Chlöe finished her tour, she still probably has a lot more to celebrate and show off throughout the year. For example, she recently starred in the Donald Glover and Janine Nabers-created limited series “Swarm” in a breakout screen role. Though that garnered her some controversy, the Atlanta native played it off with grace and style. Also, she recently starred in the film Praise This, which started rumors of a romance with co-star Quavo.

Chlöe Teases Last Tour Stop With Her Dance Moves

All those extracurriculars aside, it seems that what the 24-year-old is proudest of is her solo debut album and the expression of emotion that came with it. “Every single song on that project stems from my own experiences,” Chlöe told Complex during an interview. “Every song I have is personal. It has been so much fun collaborating with such incredible song makers.” On Instagram, she explained the cover art. “This cover represents so much for me, down to the color of my hair… when I had the red hair 1.5 years ago, it was one of the darkest times in my life… that’s why I never wore it again. In Pieces is for the ones like me, who wear their outer shell so well that you’d have no idea what they’re going through.”

As the In Pieces tour wraps up, we certainly have a lot from the “I Don’t Mind” singer to look back on. In fact, we might even see her in a completely new area of creativity for her given a recent snippet. She recently tried her hand at making a beat, which could develop into even stronger artistic expressions within music. With that in mind, stay logged into HNHH for the latest news and updates on Chlöe.

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