2 of Ding Dong’s Songs Banned! in UK Club – See Post, Listen Audio

2 of Ding Dong’s Songs Banned! in UK Club – See Post, Listen Audio

Dancehall dancing sensation Ding Dong Ravers is known for creating pulsating music and infectious dance moves that get everyone up on their feet. It can be argued that the deejay/dancer never misses a beat, given that he has been dropping banger music and captivating fans worldwide for over a decade.

However, it now seems that some of his hypnotic songs are making people a little too pumped-up as a club in the United Kingdom is prohibiting deejays from playing two of his older songs.

The Ravers Clavers dancer shared this surprising news on social media, showing the odd impact his 2017 single, Fling, and his 2015 song, Gas, have in the UK. These two songs were listed on a note to the DJ inside the club, explaining that “THESE SONGS ARE BANNED!!”

The post also featured voice messages to Ding Dong, telling him that his music was getting people too “hyped.”

“Yuh music strong, breddrin,” a man said in the voice message. He continued saying, “Basically, you know the infrastructure in British clubs..everyone hype, hype, hype, hype… I’m guessing it’s just one of them songs deh that just get the crowd hype, and they just dont understand how it runs… They just think everyone is a hooligan.”

Ding Dong, born Kemar Christopher, shared the post with a caption saying, “Just imagine ur songs banned from the club because it gets ppl moving too hard 🤷🏽.”

Listen the audio of the man speaking below:

The post, which was shared on Tuesday, received mixed reactions from fans who found the situation funny and irritating.

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