Drake Shares How To Make His Favorite Drink

Drake Shares How To Make His Favorite Drink

Drake has shared how he makes his favorite drink, which uses, Onda, a seltzer with a tequila base, as well as passionfruit. In a video circulating on social media, he gives fans step-by-step instructions to mimick the drink.

“They wanna know what it is. It’s the Onda,” he begins in the clip. “All you do, bust a can of that orange. The can is orange. That’s why I say that. Bust a can of that Onda, lots of ice, pour it over the ice, fresh passionfruit in there, stir it up like Bob Marley would say.”

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ATLANTA, GA – OCTOBER 22: Drake attends 21 Savage’s Freaknik22: The Sequel at Underground Atlanta on October 22, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.(Photo by Prince Williams/ GettyImages)

It’s not the only time Drake has spoken out about his love for Onda. In another interview that popped up on TikTok, last week, he discussed the drink .“Everybody always sees me with this drink and they ask me what it is and they ask me for one,” Drake said in the TikTok clip. “It’s an Onda; a tequila spritz-esque cocktail, passion fruit flavor by the way.” He went on to shout out actress Shay Mitchell who once made an appearance on Degrassi. “Shout out to my brother Matt, shout out to Shay — of course, Shay Mitchell — who came up with this product,” he said. “And now I drink it every day. I’m probably on my millionth glass.” Check out the clips below.

Drake Details His Favorite Drink


Drake’s comments on Onda come after he hosted an extravagant birthday party earlier this week. At the event, he had Breaking Bad co-stars Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston tending the bar. Together, the two founded the mezcal company, Dos Hombres, back in 2019.

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