Blueface Calls Matthew Stafford’s Wife A “Karen” As Beef Over Rams Game Strippers Incident Continues

Blueface Calls Matthew Stafford’s Wife A “Karen” As Beef Over Rams Game Strippers Incident Continues

Blueface didn’t take recent criticisms from Matthew Stafford’s wife Kelly lying down. The rapper responded to Stafford’s comments in a series of tweets. “Somebody tell Mathew stafford wife I been in LA longer then her an Matt. I run this program yall just here to work an make a living when y’all retire an go back to yo nice life I’ll still be here in LA at the rams games I don’t care how you feel about it I did not get kicked out no game stayed the entire time ain’t nobody tell me none. I’ll be at the next game if I want to in the suite having my way as usual…They should be happy I came an raise the hype for the rams game there was no rams fans their how the steelers get more people to come out to a away game then the home team.”

Furthermore, he promised to escalate things if Stafford didn’t back off. “Matt get your wife bro before I get disrespectful. Cuz I could talk about how y’all lost the game an what Matt could have done better as a QB that’s what his wife needs to be talking about my antics ain’t lose us the game. Karen on here smh. I paid for the suite if I wanted you in the suite Kelly I could have paid for that as well your nephews an daughter have seen worse on instagram if they are already on there welcome to LA.”

Blueface’s Beef With Kelly Stafford, Explained


Blue was responding to comments Kelly Stafford made on her podcast after the rapper turned his suite at SoFi Stadium into an impromptu strip club. After calling it “embarrassing” and “disappointing”, Stafford said it may affect the way that she takes in games going forward. “It makes me not want to take my kids to the game. Because I’m like, ‘What’s going to happen next?’ This is supposed to be a family experience, coming to a football game. There were children in the suites next to them. You know what I’m saying? I have four daughters who are looking at this. My nephews who are older have Instagram. They found it. And my daughters are sitting right next to them. Not OK.”

The incident went down at the Rams’ game against the Steelers this past weekend. Blueface took to social media to show off the impromptu strip club he had set up in one of the suites, making it rain on a row of women twerking in front of him. Furthermore, the rapper was reportedly removed from the stadium by security after the stunt began to go viral. However, as can be seen in his tweets, Blue denies that this was the case. Additionally, the Rams have not released a statement about the incident at the time of writing.

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