City Girls Blame Management And Timing For Poor Album Sales

City Girls Blame Management And Timing For Poor Album Sales

City Girls have been getting a lot of flack as of late. This is due to the fact that their new album RAW has been plagued by some poor album sales. Overall, fans aren’t loving the project like the duo may have expected. In its first week, the album is only expected to sell about 6K units. Although the group is pretty massive online and at festivals, these numbers are anything but a reflection of that. Furthermore, the low sales have led to plenty of jokes online.

On Thursday, the group was at The Breakfast Club where they talked about the new album and a myriad of other topics. JT touched on the album’s poor sales projections, noting they didn’t do enough promotion. “It’s tough times. You get what you put in, in this shit. And I feel like, collectively, we didn’t do what we had to do to promote the album,” JT explained. “But if you don’t go hard with promoting your shit, and putting it in people’s face, it’s like, of course it’s going to miss people.”

City Girls Give Their Take

Although she initially took responsibility, JT eventually changed course and blamed management for the lack of promotion. She also said timing played a big factor in all of this. “Right now, stunting ain’t cool, because people broke,” she added. “I feel like we have a bad timing thing. I feel like our timing, and our management, is poor. We’ve got poor management, poor timing — like, it’s really never no strategy. We just out here, like, why the fuck are we at The Breakfast Club a week after our thing dropped?”

Whatever the case may be, it is clear that the City Girls will need to go back to the drawing board. Let us know what you thought of the album, in the comments section below.

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