Rita, Cedella and Damian Marley in Jamaica

Rita, Cedella and Damian Marley in Jamaica

The Marley family had a little family reunion, with the wife of reggae legend Bob Marley, Rita Marley, and his children Cedella Marley, Damian Marley linking up in Jamaica.

The Marleys posed for a few pictures during their meet-up in Montego Bay, with Cedella, the CEO of Bob Marley Group of Companies, sharing a few of the photos.

Posing beside her mom, Rita, who wore a royal blue chiffon kafton, Cedella, who is also an ambassador for the Jamaica Reggae Girlz, rocked a purple Maria Lucia Hoan Elaine silk dress.

Cedella also snapped a photo alongside her multi-Grammy-winning brother Damian and her athlete-turned-fashion model son Saiyan Marley.

Cedella went on to reshare a photo on her Instagram Stories of her and her nephew, Yohan Marley, the son of Stephen Marley, whom she also met up with in Montego Bay.

View the photos below.

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