Gully Bop Underwent Kidney Transplant Before Death, Pastor Reveals

Gully Bop Underwent Kidney Transplant Before Death, Pastor Reveals

Dancehall artiste Gully Bop’s pastor blasted people who showed more interest in the artiste after his death and warned that his death must be used as a lesson for how fragile life is.

The pastor Christopher Tate first brought Gully Bop’s plight to light in August as he sought help from several persons to assist the artiste whose health was failing.

Gully Bop, whose real name is Robert Lee Malcolm, passed away on Monday after suffering from issues related to a hernia. Tate, who has been caring for the artiste, in a Jamaica Observer interview, revealed that Bop’s medical state deteriorated to the point where he couldn’t help himself.

He added that many persons reached out after Bop died, a marked difference from when he was seeking help months ago.

“The man sick and ah sh*t up self, everybody ah call say can you confirm that Gully Bop is dead? Stop worry about Gully Bop, it is finished,” Tate began. “Everybody wanted to see him dead, they don’t look at the earthquake and wake up and change dem dutty ways,” the pastor said.

Gully Bop
Gully Bop

According to the pastor, Bop was hospitalized for two weeks, but he lamented that the artiste suffered much before passing away.

“He never had to die this way in pain.”

According to Tate, Bop had myriad health issues, including undergoing surgery in 2022, and earlier this year, he reportedly had a kidney transplant. The artiste previously suffered from kidney problems for many years before the surgery, which he discovered while farming.

Tate revealed that his church stepped in to assist Gully Bop because he was in dire financial straits to the point where he had to wear pampers and could not afford them.

He also addressed claims that Bop was indigent because he squandered his money on drugs, noting that he chose to “give weh everything.”

The artiste also gave his life to God before passing away, and the cost of his kidney transplant was paid for by the church. However, as a new convert, Bop “struggled” but received support from Tate and his congregation.

In the meantime, Bop’s ex-girlfriend also seemed to share that she felt the artiste’s loss to her heart. Her reaction comes months after she cursed him out after fans suggested that she should step up to assist him as a former beneficiary of his wealth and fame.



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