Meek Mill Explains The Time He Asked Jay-Z For His Roc-A-Fella Chain

Meek Mill Explains The Time He Asked Jay-Z For His Roc-A-Fella Chain

Plenty of rappers have entertaining stories about their interactions with other, more famous MCs. While it can sometimes go very poorly for some and even potentially start beef, other times it results in funny or even heartwarming stories. A story Meek Mill shared recently lands somewhere in between the two. The rapper, who would eventually become a Roc Nation signee, has a hilarious memory of interacting with Jay-Z early in his career.

“I seen Hov 0ne day — I’m bold as a m*thaf*cka too. He had that Roc chain on one day. I was thinking about it all day. Should I ask him?” Meek recalls during a discussion with Complex. Surprisingly, it worked perfectly for him. “I was like, ‘Yo man, can I get that Roc chain right there? I said I could buy one but it ain’t the same if I buy that sh*t, I need this actual artifact from you. He took it off and gave me that sh*t so shout-out to Jigga man for that official Roc piece.” Check out the full interview clip below.

Meek Mill Just Asked Jay-Z For His Chain


Meek Mill has a new album coming later this week. It’s a full length collaboration with Rick Ross called Too Good To Be True. They’ve already dropped two singles from the album. First came “Shaq & Kobe” back in September and then last month they released the second single “Lyrical Eazy.” Doubling down on the NBA theme of their songs they recruited both Shaq and Damian Lillard to provide guest verses for a remix of “Shaq & Kobe” last week.

They’ve also been teasing potential features on the project, including a MMG reunion. That would mean that Wale was involved, which is seeming increasingly likely the more times they bring it up as a tease. Despite that tease and Meek promising an upcoming Drake collab, they haven’t officially shared the tracklist or features from their new album yet. What do you think of Meek Mill’s story about just asking Jay-Z for his chain? Let us know in the comment section below.

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