Nelly Beams With Pride Over Ashanti’s Classic Car Gift & Surprised Birthday Bash

Nelly Beams With Pride Over Ashanti’s Classic Car Gift & Surprised Birthday Bash

Ashanti and Nelly appear to be in a better place the second time around, and she is wasting no time to show her appreciation for the rapper as he celebrates his 49th birthday.

Days after throwing him a fancy Halloween birthday bash, which included a fully customized classic 1962 Impala convertible, his dream car as a child, as his birthday gift, the “Happy” singer continued the celebration with a private dinner party with close friends and family.

Nelly is getting a chance to celebrate his 49th birthday in great style, and Ashanti is going all out to ensure that he feels the love and appreciation, which includes a karaoke-style birthday party at Kirk and Rasheeda Frost’s bistro restaurant in Atlanta.

In a video, Nelly is seen walking through a door with Ashanti blocking his eyes. As she removes her hand, many people shout out, “Surprise!”. Nelly was spotted wearing a gold crown and a white sash that read ‘It’s my happy birthday.’ The artiste was seen hugging and kissing two women who appeared to be family members before exclaiming, “I knew something was up.”

Just like his first birthday, the artiste could not stop cheesing as he laughed and looked at his friends and family. In another video, he is also seen deejaying LL Cool J’s “I’m Bad” as everyone cheers him on.

Ashanti and Nelly reconnected almost 10 years after breaking up in 2013. The pair dated from 2003-2013 but eventually parted ways. Over the years, neither appeared to have kept in touch, but they were brought together during Fat Joe and Ja Rule’s Verzuz battle in September 2021, where they shared an awkward hug.


However, they seemed to have reconnected shortly after and were spotted in April taking in the Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia boxing match in Las Vegas. Both appeared loving to each other as they held hands, and Ashanti snuggled with him.

Ashanti has never publicly dated anyone since breaking up with Nelly while he moved on several times and has children Chanelle and Cornell Hayes III, and two adopted children (from his stepsister Jaqueline Donahue, who died in 2005 from cancer).


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