Tasha K Gets Into A Fight Outside Miami Party: Watch

Tasha K Gets Into A Fight Outside Miami Party: Watch

Tasha K is a controversial pop culture figure to say the absolute least. She’s had issues with plenty of celebrities in her past. She recently took aim at Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian. Neither of their fanbases took particularly well to the confrontations from the blogger. Most notably, she’s still working through a long-running beef with Cardi B that played out in the courts. Cardi is still seeking out money she’s owed from Tasha after the lawsuit ruled in the rapper’s favor.

Now, Tasha K is getting involved with somebody in a more physical sense. Video is making the rounds online of the blogger getting in a fight with a man at a party in Miami. She claims that the fight began because the man disrespected her, but fans in the comments didn’t take her side. “How you out here fighting and already owe people millions?” and “She doing everything but sending cardi her money,” two of the top comments read. Others in the comments did defend her though, claiming that she was right to stand up for herself. Check out the full clip and variety of fan reactions below.

Tasha K Fight Video

One person who doesn’t seem to have any issues with Tasha K is Boosie Badazz. The rapper is controversial in his own right for calling out almost anybody he disagrees with online. He recently praised Tasha claiming that “she don’t spare nobody” and for that reason he likes her.

The newest developments in the Cardi B and Tasha K legal case haven’t exactly been productive. After Cardi’s legal team turned down an offer of a fraction of the original cost the battle will rage on in the courts. Cardi and her team reportedly amended their previous motion to ask the judge to also add interest to the ruling since Tasha is taking so long to pay it back. What do you think of Tasha K getting in a fight during a party in Miami? Let us know in the comment section below.

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