Shenseea Reacts To Viral Video Urging Jamaicans To Support Her Music

Shenseea Reacts To Viral Video Urging Jamaicans To Support Her Music

Shenseea is urging Jamaicans to support their artists and other creatives to ensure that the culture is not misappropriated by outsiders.

The Jamaican artist recently received props from fans following the release of her latest track, “Beama” featuring Lola Brooke, which showed her lyrical ability and her potential as a rapper. It seems that the artist is leaning into the support she is receiving and called on Jamaicans to support their own no matter what.

“We actually have real great actors in Jamaica who are authentic and can speak the language, the Patois weh unnu a look for very well. I feel like, as a culture, you have to be able to support your own in order for us to get all these opportunities because otherwise, people ago just come from other different cultures and just steal it, and I feel like that’s been happening for a long time, bro,” Shenseea said.

She added, “We’ve inspired so many genres! Support every artiste weh a come from Jamaica. Once you are a Jamaican support the Jamaican dem period. Once it comes to Jamaicans going up against everybody else, support unu own. It nuh matter a who, once we out inna the world.”

The artiste also shared a wholesome moment with fellow rapper Lola Brooke, who is featured on her “Beama” track. They also shared a sweet moment where they complimented each other on their work ethic. Shenseea asks the Brooklyn rapper about what she is up to, leading to Lola explaining that she was out working and just returning from the studio.

In the meantime, some Jamaicans have shared their dislike of Shenseea’s latest track, but the artiste has been named on the “Fresh Hip-Hop” list of new songs by the likes of Billboard, Amazon Music, Apple, Pandora, and many others.


The song was also playing on the radio, and Shenseea shared her excitement at the song’s growing traction.

Shenseea also shared clips of the song on her Instagram account, which also featured a sample of audio of late actor Louie Rankin from the famous 1998 movie Belly.


Shenseea Reacts To Viral Video Urging Jamaicans To Support Her Music – Urban Islandz

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