Chrisean Rock Reveals Iced Out Pacifier Chain For Chrisean Jr.

Chrisean Rock Reveals Iced Out Pacifier Chain For Chrisean Jr.

Chrisean Rock sure does love her newborn son Chrisean Jr. Overall, there has been a lot of drama over this child in the last few months. This makes sense when you consider how Blueface and Chrisean have been fighting for a very long time at this point. They were in a dysfunctional relationship that appears to still be ongoing. Sure, Blue is now with Jaidyn Alexis. However, as Chrisean has alleged, she is still out here having sex with the rapper. It is a bizarre situation, but they do not seem to be keen on changing that.

At this stage, Chrisean Rock does seem focused on taking care of her child. While there have been some miscues along the way, you cannot deny her love of Junior. In fact, while going on Instagram recently, she showcased the ice she copped for the child. Below, you can see a video of a new pacifier chain. This chain features a unique look to it and it even has Chrisean Jr. written on the inside. A pacifier chain is definitely new, and we aren’t exactly sure the child can even appreciate it yet.

Chrisean Rock Flexes

Chrisean is someone who has a lot of iced-out jewelry already. In the video clip, you can see plenty of her other pieces that she may wear on any given day. Overall, she probably got a lot of this taste from Blueface, who is also known for his various chains and diamonds. Unfortunately, by the time Junior can appreciate this, he will no longer be a baby and won’t care for the pacifier aesthetic. Regardless, Chrisean is doing her thing.

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