Lil Pump Gets Shoutout From Donald Trump At Florida Rally: Watch

Lil Pump Gets Shoutout From Donald Trump At Florida Rally: Watch

Lil Pump is someone who has been a huge Trump guy over the past few years. Overall, it all started when Pump began advocating for the former President during his 2020 reelection campaign. Eventually, Trump even brought Pump up on stage and called him “Lil Pimp.” It was a pretty ridiculous situation, however, it made the rapper a mainstay among the MAGA crowd. Now, a whole new audience knows who he is, even if they don’t care at all for his music. It’s an interesting spot to be in, but alas.

Heading into the 2024 Presidential election, Pump is going hard for Trump again. He was recently at Ole Miss where he led a pro-Donald Trump rant. Furthermore, he was recently invited to Trump’s rally in Florida, which took place on Wednesday. In the footage below, courtesy of TMZ, you can see Trump giving Pump a shoutout. In fact, this time around, Trump was actually able to get his name right, which probably felt really good for the rapper.

Lil Pump At The Trump Rally

“He’s one of the few — rapper Lil Pump,” Trump said when speaking on his support amongst rappers. Most rappers you talk to will say they don’t mess with Trump all that much. However, others like Sexyy Red have shown a bit of support here and there. As for Pump’s standing within the campaign itself, he will probably make a few more appearances before the end of the campaign. At this stage, there isn’t even a guarantee that Trump will be the Republican nominee. Based on current polls, however, he does have a great chance of winning.

Only time will tell whether or not Pump has any affect on Trump’s chances. Let us know what you think of this latest move from Pump, in the comments section below.

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