Benzino Says ‘Brainwashed’ Coi Leray Lied About Selling Drugs, Sleeping In Cars

Benzino Says ‘Brainwashed’ Coi Leray Lied About Selling Drugs, Sleeping In Cars

Benzino says that his daughter is lying about living in her car and selling drugs to survive as he revealed that he took care of her and her brothers when they were younger and blasted her label for “brainwashing” her.

The hip-hop journalist turned rapper appears to be upset still as he offloaded on yet another Instagram Live where he questioned his daughter’s claims that she struggled and was in the streets hustling to make it and her father was not there despite being at the height of fame at fortune when she was a child.

“Coi never slept in no f**king car that I know about. I had my daughter five months out of the year. I was with her mother till she was 9 and then I had her 5 months out the year from 9-16 [years old].”

According to Benzino, Coi Leray attended Campbell High School in Atlanta, and he was a single father who took care of Coi and his two sons, as well as the two older brothers who are not his biological children.

“When I look at this it’s almost like she is somebody who is brainwashed… I don’t know why she is running with this narrative, I never seen no sh*t like this but the label is perpetuating it,” Benzino said, adding that he and Angie Martinez have been beefing since 1994.

“Imagine that, so me and her never got along, ever. They was biting Eminem d*ck so hard and to the point she was on interviews with him and calling me ‘that dude’ so they don’t f**k with me. So what is the worst thing to do [than] using somebody’s child to manipulate them against him?” he added.


Coi’s recent interview blasted Benzino as neither a present father, who she blamed for some of the mishaps in her earlier life, and she has also accused him of being envious of her.

However, Benzino’s fans disbelieve Coi.

“When coi first became popular I scrolled all the way down his ig and he was always posting her and supporting her music before she was even known,” one fan wrote.

Another said, “I feel like if she did, it was by choice and not because he didn’t take care of her,” another fan said.



Benzino Says ‘Brainwashed’ Coi Leray Lied About Selling Drugs, Sleeping In Cars – Urban Islandz

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