Ice Cube Has Basketball Hall Of Fame Award Named After Him

Ice Cube Has Basketball Hall Of Fame Award Named After Him

The Basketball Hall of Fame has announced that it has named a new impact award after Ice Cube. The award honors Cube’s “extraordinary contributions to the world of basketball, his unparalleled passion for the game and his unwavering commitment to encouraging crucial dialogues surrounding inclusivity, equal opportunity, and racial and social justice while contributing to initiatives focused on education and community development.” It will be awarded to Cube on Martin Luther King Day next year in a ceremony in Massachusetts. It’s unclear if MLK Day will become the annual time when the awarded to presented to the new winner.

Cube, who founded The BIG3 3×3 league was blown away by the decision. “The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Award named in my honor is truly remarkable. Words alone can’t express my gratitude for this recognition from such a prestigious organization. Having an award bearing my name only intensifies my commitment to advancing inclusivity and equal opportunity in sports, alongside my unwavering dedication to community activism,” the rapper said.

Cube Still Feuding With NBA

Despite the award, Cube is still very much feuding with the NBA. The rapper alleges that the NBA has been trying to kill off his BIG3 league. Reportedly, things were serious enough that the Justice Department has been quietly investigating a possible violation of anti-trust law “for months”. The NBA could be levied with a massive fine if the government does find them guilty of anti-trust violations.

One of the biggest pieces of evidence that Cube has presented is that the NBA prevents its players from appearing in The BIG3. However, it does not prohibit them from playing in other events such as the Drew League. Jaylen Brown recently became the first active NBA player to appear in The BIG3. The Celtics star took part in the league’s all-star game back in August. NBA referees have also seemingly been prohibited from officiating in the BIG3.

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